What is bitcoin and what is its value?

What is bitcoin and what is its value?

Dec 19 Zachary  

Bitcoin is nothing but a cryptocurrency which is one of the oldest one in the cryptocurrency pool available right now. It is not like a normal currency that we can hold in our hands directly but is one of the digital currencies that can be saved only in the digital wallet over cloud or any storage devices only. You cannot hold this bitcoin directly in your hands rather you can convert it into some other real currencies like dollars or euros or rupees through exchange and we can carry it in our hands. If you want to know the present value of a bitcoin in your real currencies, then checkout bitcoin price here.

Most of the people who came to know about the existence of bitcoin in the earlier stage itself didn’t believe it was genuine and most of the ones didn’t buy. Only few people bought those coins which was very less in price when compared to the price available now.

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The price was just in few single digit real currencies in the beginning and since there was no demand for most of the years, the value didn’t get huge hike and it seen both peaks and steeps too. But over years, the value of the bitcoin on the whole had a steady increase and there became a steady increase in the demand for the coins too.

This demand helped the price of the specific coin to increase and increase. It’s been 10 years since this cryptocurrency was developed by an unknown scientist called Satoshi nakamoto and his/her identity is still not known. It is said that there is only fixed number of Bitcoins a available in this world and once it is all occupied by people, there won’t be any new coins and people has to mine it for months to get one. The price of a single bitcoin has reached almost six to seven lakhs in rupees which is a huge money. Since this is one of the private currency which is never owned by any government authorities, no one can guarantee any bitcoin owner that the coin will be safe and will have its value increase over years. No body can influence the changes in the value of a bitcoin hike or decrease. If you wanted to know the value of a single bitcoin today, then you can check bitcoin price here in your appropriate currency.

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