Understanding The Function Of A Blockchain Consulting Company

Understanding The Function Of A Blockchain Consulting Company

Apr 20 Zachary  

If you go on to search on Google for “blockchain consulting,” that will eventually turn up to nearly 50,000 outcomes.  A huge number of the results will appear as advertisements; Google puts the paid placement right at the top on each page. Thus, it is pretty clear that there is a great hot competition that is crowded in the market.

Learning The Term

If you try and understand the Blockchain consulting, you will realize it is actually quite a broad term. In order to let you all know what does the blockchain consultant do? As the term is vague, here we have digged some insides to try and learn about it.

It is discovered on searching that a blockchain consulting company may go on to perform a huge variety of the tasks. Let’s dive into a world of the blockchain to see the type of the value brought by them to a space.

  1. PR &The Marketing

PR and Marketing is amongst the common and perhaps the most common service that is provided by the blockchain consulting company. For the blockchain association, the value of the powerful marketing master plan cannot really be underestimated.

The blockchain consulting company specializing in PR & marketing could offer a span of services, beginning with growing a branding and marketing plan, down to controlling the day to day activities of marketing for an STO/ ICO. These tasks generally include-

  • Building and designing a website
  • Writing the white paper
  • Managing the social platforms campaign
  • Organizing the airdrops
  • Writing the press releases along with finding the publications ready to cover them
  • And much more
  1. The Technical Services

Sometimes it can be that an individual has got a great idea for the blockchain solution, however, absolutely zero high-tech understanding on how to grow it. They may try & find the blockchain developer in order to work alongside them or hire the blockchain consulting company for their high-tech services.

  1. Education And Knowledge

Because the blockchain is the nascent technology, several individuals know quite little about it. A huge number of the existing businesses may benefit from incorporating the blockchain but do not perceive the technology or the way to go on implementing it. Thus, some of the blockchain consultancies now pay a heavy heed on the education and the training.

This may include the offering online courses; however, this may also mean that they would send the representative into the firm in order to conduct the training. They would also help the firm to understand whether a specific blockchain solution will be beneficial. Hopefully, you now know the functioning well.

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