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When it comes to US Weekly, is a weekly entertainment and celebrity magazine mainly based in New York City. It was founded by The New York Times Company in 1977 and sold in 1980. In 1986, it was acquired by Wenner Media and sold in 2017 to American Media Inc. Former editor James Heidenry shortly afterward stepped down, and Jennifer Peros was replaced. The publication oversees the chief content officer of American Media namely, Dylan Howard. This weekly magazine can be accessed online also by the site namely, usmagazine.com.

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Sections of the magazine
⦁ The Red Carpet- The styles and looks from Hollywood’s premieres and parties.
⦁ Who wore it best?- The reader poll of celebrities wore an outfit better.
⦁ Hot stuff- From inside Hollywood, the latest gossip.
⦁ Just like us- Celebrities’ photos doing things everyday people do.
⦁ Fashion police- The famous comedians cite the star’s fashion disasters and the best look of the week.
⦁ Hot pics- Around the globe, the celebrity sightings of stars.
⦁ Loose talk- Quotes mainly from the stars.
⦁ The record- A changing roster in the lives of stars like divorces, marriages, birth, etc.
⦁ Us Musts- The must-see DVDs, TV shows, and films accorded to Us Weekly.

⦁ US Weekly was launched in 1977 as a fortnightly publication by the New York Times Company. Later, it was sold by Macfadden Media and acquired in 1985 by Jann Wenner and is a part of Wenner Media LLC which publishes Men’s Journal and Rolling Stone. It became a monthly publication in 1991.
⦁ The company announced in 1991 the plans for shifting the schedule of publication from monthly to weekly. This move is a response to many market forces comprising People magazines, Inc.’s Entertainment Weekly, and the success of time. The focus of the publication is on Hollywood gossip as well as celebrity fashion.
⦁ Wenner partnered with The Walt Disney Company in February 2001. Wenner Media re-acquired a 50 percent stake of Disney in 2006 which makes the publication fully operated and owned by Wenner Media once again. The publication was sold to American Media, Inc. in 2017.

It can be concluded that usmagazine.com has many signature issues each year comprising the spring, the fall celebrating young Hollywood, and the Hot Hollywood special issues. The site has exclusive photos, a news blog of breaking celebrities, red carpet galleries from events, videos, premieres, quizzes, polls, and games.

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