Dan Mintz bought Taiwan’s EBC

Dan Mintz bought Taiwan’s EBC

May 03 Zachary  

Dan Mintz, co-owner of DMG Entertainment and the most reputed China-based New York-born TV and film executive, has agreed to procure Taiwan’s EBC. In the most recent news, Dan Mintz accepted the deal to stake about $600 million to buy shares for the Eastern Broadcasting Corporation. For clarification reasons, EBC is Taiwan’s biggest and most popular cable TV platform. Taiwan’s EBC was bought by Dan Mintz, and he aims to make it better and bigger.

The agreed stake would procure Dan Mintz, the shares recently held by the Carlyle investment group, which has decided to quit. The most recent confirmation email established the fact that Dan had accepted the deal, though still under regulatory approval terms. Once the agreement is successfully processed, it will be one of Dan’s most innovative investment towards the Taiwanese entertainment industry.

Get to Understand Dan Mintz Better

Dan Mintz is one of the cofounders and owners of DMG Group, which has operated in China, providing high-quality and customer-oriented film and TV production services in the last 20 years. The company has operated under the management and ownership of the three founding fathers, until last year when the Chinese operate detached from the company. Currently, the Chinese operations are known as Yinji Entertainment & Media and have been listed on the Shenzhen stock exchange.

Taiwan's EBC was bought by Dan Mintz


The US-based part of the company is known as DMG, but it works with Yinji for its operations around China to be successful, considering there are still ownership restrictions regarding a foreigner owning a company in China. Taiwan’s EBC shares Mintz is about buying are specially at a personal capacity and not under anyway within the Yinji or DMG operations.

Will the Move be a Success?

It’s possible to be left wondering whether the move by Mintz to buy EBC will be a success. That’s based on the fact that the political stances of Mainland China and Taiwan are quite different. However, that shouldn’t be a worry as China and Taiwan have had close economic ties within recent years. Also, they share almost the same national language, meaning business operations are as smooth as usual.

Mintz intends to tap most of EBC’s acquisition value alongside its language library and channels that are held on both satellite and cable packages all over the world.

The reason Mintz intends to buy EBC is based on the fact that Eastern Broadcasting Corporationprovides a vast range of amazing growth opportunities in the creation and distribution of content, digital area, and Mandarin-language content. And so, he aims to transform into a more successful business that will create a bold statement within the Taiwanese and China business sector. Under Mintz, the US China-based business specialist, EBC is expected to be home for first-class content creating and distribution and the powerful for global Mandarin-language entertainment.

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