What are anti-counterfeit labels?

What are anti-counterfeit labels?

Mar 15 Zachary  

If you belong to the eastern side of the world, you must have seen products with the ‘Made in China’ tag. These products are carbon copies of the original brands and they work just fine. But for an educated eye, it is so much easier to understand the difference between a fake birsileri and a real Bisleri. Counterfeit and fake products are very problematic to the real company. They pose a market risk to these companies and once the brand is famous enough that people recognise them by the colour of the labels, counterfeit products are also manufactured for the local economy.

However, these products can damage people’s perception of the brand. If you aren’t educated enough and you buy something based on the colour, taste and smell of the product, it would cause several problems. anti counterfeit label are good in this case, but for those people, it would be very problematic if the product comes out cheaper in quality than the original product.

Which companies suffer the most?

Mostly, companies that have products that are based on the market’s perception suffers the most from counterfeit products. The pharmaceutical industry suffers a lot from counterfeit products as the medicines can be easily reproduced in a small laboratory. Wine, spirit and alcohol companies face the same problem as pharmaceutical companies. Even the nutraceutical and cosmetic sectors get affected by this problem. It’s seriously strange to even imagine the losses incurred to these companies due to counterfeit products.


We had so many problems related to water packaging companies and even Coca-Cola, concerning counterfeit products. The possibility of whether these products are real or counterfeit can be checked with the help of labelling. Labelling and packaging is the first-line defence against the identification of new and original products. Although the colour, name, and most of the labelling needs are copied by the counterfeit companies, it is still possible to have a proper outlook towards these products, by changing a certain part of labels.

These are some methods where you can use to check the counterfeit type of the product and this is something that is done by using chips and barcodes. The labels made by the company are anti counterfeit label, and these are designed with barcodes on the same. When the customer buys the product, they would just have to scan the barcode and they would be able to identify that the product is good and genuine, and belongs to the original company.

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