A Complete Guide You Should Have For Cross-Border Payment Transactions

A Complete Guide You Should Have For Cross-Border Payment Transactions

Dec 01 Zachary  

The majority of the cross-border payment options these days are not really that efficient. That is why trusted global payment platforms do their best to provide more cost- and time-efficient alternatives for crossborder payments, like Currenxie Limited. But why should you consider cross-border payments, and how can it benefit your business? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Cross-Border Payment Benefits

Before you check out your options for fast and easy b2b cross-border transactions, it is important that you understand how you can benefit from these options. These benefits do not only benefit you and your business but also your partners and clients.

  • Seamless International Transactions. If your company is sourcing globally, you will find international suppliers that you would want to purchase from. And of course, when doing transactions online, you want it to be easy and convenient. And that is what you can benefit from virtual payment processes.
  • Easy Tracking. When making or receiving payments, it would be easier for you to track these transactions since most payment platforms can now be managed through an app. This way, you can have access to your online business account anytime you need.

Effective Business Payment Platforms

Currenxie Limited is one of the most trusted names these days when it comes to global payment platforms. It offers different business accounts suitable for what companies need. In fact, two of their most helpful options are Global Account and Global FX. If you are interested to know more about these two, then read on.

All About The Global Account

Global Account might just be the business financial account that you need. This account knows no borders. This means that it will let you send, receive, borrow, as well as convert funds into just one account. You can manage even your international financial transactions in an app that you can access anytime you want.

To have access to your online account, you need to sign up. For a sole proprietor, and for a company account, you will have to provide your complete information and that includes your many details. When it comes to the Visa Card, you can apply for it separately and get one once it’s already available.


Why Choose Global FX

Global FX on the other hand is perfect for businesses with transactions from all across the globe. You can enjoy real-time foreign exchange at a more competitive rate. In fact, Currenxie offers eight times more savings than what you traditionally get from your trusted bank. Payments are fast and secure even internationally, specifically in over 100 countries and 19 currencies, without having to worry about hidden bank fees.

Why Choose Currenxie Limited?

Currenxie Global Account has been proven to provide borderless businesses worldwide. The process is easy – apply online, get connected, and start transacting! No more complicated processes for you. So if you want your business to grow globally, then choose Hong Kongs’ most trusted global payment platform – Currenxie Limited.

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