Services Related To The Management Of Container Stations

Services Related To The Management Of Container Stations

Sep 10 Zachary  

Our continuous commitment to providing our clients excellent container inventory management services of the highest possible quality is matched only by our dedication to delivering excellent service. Because we have been in business for more than 30 years and have held the title of the single most enormous local private container yard for over a decade, we are in a solid position to fulfill our promise to provide our clients with excellent service. Many international multinational shipping & leasing firms are among our clients. Know more about shipping container depot.

Our sky depot shows our dedication to providing our clients with service that exceeds their expectations. Our complete logistics services, in conjunction with the layout of the sky depot, make it possible to achieve a seamless synergy of activities, which in turn pioneers and elevates the production level for our clients.

Our Services

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The cleaning, maintenance, and repair services are all subjected to stringent internal quality & integrity tests to ensure that they meet our client’s expectations. Through implementing the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) interface and the ongoing evaluation of our operational procedures, we proactively collaborate with our clients to improve the management and control of their respective equipment.

Highlights and Unique Characteristics

Our container depot and yard activities are strategically positioned near Singapore’s major expressways, ensuring that access to the ports is not a problem. Because of the arrangement, clearing can be completed with maximum effectiveness, and retrieval can be performed with little effort, resulting in quick turnaround times for haulers.

Because our hybrid layout uses overhead cranes and reaches stackers, we can increase our storage capacity to accommodate our shipping line customers better and improve our turnaround times to accommodate our hauler customers who are collecting or returning bins at our container depot.

At Cogent, we can interface our depot management system with our client’s systems, including leasing businesses and shipping lines. We ensure that our clients have access to highly effective information flows by delivering them following EDI and Cedex message standards, which are industry norms.

The team of highly qualified and experienced technicians that Cogent employs are trained to handle any repairs, including changes to various container types. Our staff regularly receives internal and external training to guarantee that they can maintain their position at the forefront of technological advancement.

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