Nitti Safety Shoes Can keep Feet Stylish and Protected

Mar 22 Zachary  

 Nitti carefully sources and selects materials and components from all around the earth to guarantee that their shoes are of the most excellent quality. While many other models have outsourced their production, Nitti has its own ISO 9001 certified factory, which helps make sure all shoes that get to its clients are up to standards.

Commitment to Protection and Comfort Durability


With safety certifications from countries such as Singapore, China, Australia, and much more, Nitti shoes are among the most licensed safety shoe brands globally.

Nitti’s shoes will protect the user’s legs from any workplace hazard, regardless of the earth the person is in.

nitti safety shoes


Nitti thinks that while their footwear needs to be secure, robust, and offer optimum safety, the element of comfort shouldn’t be jeopardized.

This footwear has a broader toe cap compared to some other safety shoes. This places less strain on the toes and likewise reduces the pressure on the foot. For formal shoes, the slender tip provides space for the toes to press in the form of the cap, which is created by pressing down on the roof of the feet. This will limit blood circulation in the foot.

Aside from the toe cap, the body of Nitti’s safety shoes includes quality leather and also Cambrelle® comfort lining, which helps make the shoes breathable. This will help release odor and sweat into the outside environment.


Dedicated to offering just the very best quality, each set of nitti safety shoes went through a stage of strict quality testing to confirm continuous quality throughout. Thus, you can be confident that each group of safety shoes by Nitti is reliable and durable.

How you can care for your Nitti footwear

Nitti safety shoes are created for use in probably the harshest environments. While they’re durable in such conditions, they’re also prone to wear and tear and harm. Thus, only proper maintenance and care can ensure a longer lifespan for your boots of yours. Here’s how you can look after your safety shoes better:


Do not expose the boots your direct sunlight and under extreme temperatures. Additionally, make the practice of air drying your shoes after each use before putting them out. Just place them in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place.

Shoe care

Always clean and polish your boots often with wax. After coming in touch with concrete or cement, always rinse your shoes of yours. Glue is going to damage the leather top by drying out it out there and also casing cracks if left as it is.


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