Multi-million Dollar Fraud Syndicate on ABC Live

Multi-million Dollar Fraud Syndicate on ABC Live

Apr 04 Zachary  

Mick Featherstone Multi-Million Dollar Fraud Syndicate

Today ABC which is known as Australia’s Broadcast Corporation is most admired channel that offers latest investigation details about Mick Featherstone who is alleged to have done multi-million dollar scam by taking a considerable amount from people of Australia to return them with a higher rate of the amount. Mick is a former Queensland forcesinvestigator who performed his tasks as cop till 1996.The Crime and CCC officials took him to Brisbane court as he was charged with bothmoney laundering and the Gold Coast drug bustwhich disappeared worth$20,000.During theinvestigation,it was reported by Zach Featherstone gold coast who was an expert for internet removal that leave-taking service, Mick Featherstone became a protuberant Gold Coast private detective, who was intothe status-oriented organization and business work. When he was found accused,Queensland Office of Fair Trading suspended his license last year when they found him linked with another matter as well in the courtroom.Later Zach Featherstone stated that wife and son of Mick Featherstone are also involved in this case and were raided in Upper Coomera home and takeninto custody.

What is the latest update on ABC regarding Mick Featherstone?

  1. For two years the investigation is still in progress,and now ABC has disclosed about the arrest.It also stated that He had connectionswith higher officials of CCC and forces anti-bikie taskforc
  2. The whole racket was nick e-named Lima Violin II, which is chronicled as significantinquiries in the lawbreaking and exploitationregulator’shistorythat came into limelight when the CCC and police found Mr. Featherstone to be the mastermind behind the sophisticated syndicate money laundering which was used on sports betting site for gambling to double the amount. More than hundreds of people had fallen in the trap of forecast software thatcheated people for higher returns using their invested amount.
  3. Further is was reported byKathleen Florian who is CCC executive director that few directors are senior employees are also involved in this fraud scam and are charged against the community which is around 12 companies for theirmoney laundry schemes.
  4. Since then a private investigatorin 2014 stated that there are Coast-based companies which are directlylinked in thisboiler room scamsusing gambling internet software and few investment schemesas theymade a cold call to higher officials and promised them for higher returns using the invested packages of Australian people worth thousands of dollars.
  5. Hence all the alleged six suspects of the syndicate fraudincluding Michael Featherstone, his wife,and son are filed against the crime along with their partners namely Travis Burch Robert John Doueihi, Kirsty Maria Lester and Daniel Philip Webb but were released on bail. They will return to court on 7th


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