Making Exhibit Displays Creative and Orderly

Making Exhibit Displays Creative and Orderly

Aug 04 Zachary  

Being orderly with schedules helps people easily accomplish their everyday tasks. It does not only help in accomplishing but also managing the tasks that are important and urgent. Being orderly makes a person very effective. The same also when exhibiting projects, artworks and galleries, and other informative exhibits. When exhibiting projects, artworks, and other informative materials, the very first thing that you should be thinking is how to catch the people’s attention. That is why setting up your exhibition should be very creative, stands out and not too pricey (Check out exhibition panel rental for a reasonable price yet very creative). These are the things that you should pay attention to when exhibiting.

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The Set-Up


The very first thing you should consider is the space allotted for your exhibition. It is very challenging when you have only very limited space yet you have a lot to exhibit. Think of cheap yet creative banners that could easily fit in your space. A foldable stand-up banner can be a good help and example. Aside from being cheap, a foldable stand-up banner can help you lessen the need for brochures and printed leaflets. It will help you maximize your space while putting all the information necessary for your exhibit. Also, do not forget to leave space for the collection of your customers’ information and inquiries.

Bright Colors

When setting up an exhibition, you must get the attention of many people. Use Bright colors and good color combinations to attract customers. Use bright colors as well with your giveaways. Never use dark or dull colors as your exhibit’s primary colors. Your banners should be attractive to the eyes too.


Aside from having attracted bright colors and color combinations, another thing that would catch the eyes of many people is technology. Instead of using the traditional printed leaflets and brochures, take advantage of today’s technology for your set up. Use video displays like television. You can also use realistic or 3D graphic displays that would surely wow your customers’ eyes. The more you use and take advantage of technology, the more your exhibit would stand out. Remember, innovation is not only limited to the use of technology but also making your own creative and unique design that would make you stand out.


If applying bright colors to attract your customers’ eyes, good and bright lighting should match with your exhibit’s color combination. Your lighting should be bright enough to highlight your exhibit. Do not use lighting that would hurt the eyes of your customers or would make the words on your set up hard to read. Avoid using violet, red, or blue lights as your overhead lighting. You can use them as LED designs.


Of course, this is something that you should never forget. Everybody loves freebies. But make sure that your freebies are not costly. Do not forget ads on your freebies. Aside from making your customers love you, freebies help to advertise your product.

A cool, attracting, and the innovative exhibit does not necessarily need for expensive furniture rentals for your set up. You can always take advantage of portable folding panels that would surely suit your needs.

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