Lai Chi Kok Wargame – Tips And Tricks

Lai Chi Kok Wargame – Tips And Tricks

Aug 15 Zachary  

lai chi kok wargame is a turn-based strategy game for two players that originated in China during the early 1600’s. It was popular amongst Chinese intellectuals of the time and had many followers until its decline during the 1800’s. It has since been revived and has grown in popularity again, first with players in Japan, then Korea and finally across Western cultures as well due to great lai chi kok wargame field.

The game is played on a grid of hexagonal spaces, usually on an even number with each player having twenty-four pieces or “stones” to start out with (with an exception of eleven). The game is played in rounds, each round having a time limit of exactly sixty minutes. The turn consists of the following elements:

hong kong wargame venue

  1. Draw

Placing your first stone begins the game and allows you to place all of your pieces on the board. At this point, in addition to placing your piece, you’ll be able to place markers on the map that can help you capture enemy stones, plant traps and even buy equipment for future turns.

  1. Movement

As mentioned above, all pieces can move one space at a time, in any direction except over hills or rivers, only forward or sideways. In hong kong wargame venue, if a unit cannot feasibly move one step further forward or sideways it cannot move at all during that turn.

  1. Attack/Capture

This is done in a back and forth manner. Each player declares if they will play on defense or offense, then the other player does the same. These are both one-sided attacks and work as follows:

  1. Attack/Capture Adjustments

After this, you can adjust your strategy by moving your piece within range of an enemy unit and attacking it a second time. You can move your piece, then attack, or attack first and then move. The risk here is that you might create a gap in your line that the enemy could exploit to capture one of your pieces.

  1. Move/Recover

In this phase you are able to move forward and recover any pieces that have fallen on their back. However, if you intend on attacking you can only move and attack at the same time.

  1. Buy Equipment

This is done by placing markers (known as “bu-kao”) onto the board that can be purchased with the stones of your opponent in later turns. Bu-kao can only be used for purchase if they match your own color, or if they are of a different color than your opponent’s there is a chance of confusion and an automatic loss of stone for both players.

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