Five important criteria in choosing a reliable cloud hosting service provider

Aug 28 Zachary  

As more and more third-party IT systems providers are sprouting offering different innovative services to a wide range of clients, especially businesses, it is very critical in making sure that picking the most reliable services providers especially the ones that offer cloud hosting.

However, it is easier said than done knowing that the market of cloud hosting service providers is just very vast where you can encounter a myriad of offerings and a wide array of services all the from tech giants Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, through the small players in the industry that also offers bespoke services.

The right way to select a cloud service provider among all the candidates presented in front of you. The answer is just very simple, you must define your selection and procurement processes the right way by determining the needs of your business.

To help you out, here are some key considerations that you must remember in choosing a good-quality cloud service provider like the AS400 hosting.

  1. Always make the perfect timing in selecting a provider– Before you can choose a reliable cloud hosting service provider, you should understand your business requirements first which contributes the perfect timing of selecting the best cloud hosting service provider. Even though it sounds obvious, however, you must clarify and determine the specific requirements first and determine your minimum expectations in implementing it to your business.
  2. Check the certifications and the standards– Usually, cloud hosting service providers should comply with the recognized quality standards and the frameworks that are demonstrated with the adherence to the industry’s best standards and practices. Considering that standards cannot entirely determine the service provider that you choose, so you must be cautious in listing down the potential service providers.
  3. Determine the technological innovation it uses– You must ensure that the cloud hosting service provider’s platform and technological capabilities should align with the current technological advancements which also align with your business objectives and your cloud objectives.
  4. Ask about the service provider’s service roadmap– You must determine how the cloud service provider plan to continue in innovating and growing their company at a period and does their entire service roadmap can fit your business requirements on a long-term basis. There are a lot of important factors that you must consider when it comes to the commitments to the specific technologies and the vendors that you are choosing and determine how it can interoperate when it comes to supporting your cloud hosting needs.
  5. Determine how efficiency of its data management– Even though you already have a data classification scheme that is already positioned in defining the different types of data which is according to the policies on the data residency, you should be more aware of the regulated data privacy rules that is governed on your personal data knowing that you are currently storing and managing huge amounts of data from your business.

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