5 Reasons Why Corporate Swag Makes the Perfect Promotional Gift

5 Reasons Why Corporate Swag Makes the Perfect Promotional Gift

Sep 10 Zachary  

The holidays are an amazing time for brands to capitalize on the rush of shopping and goodwill that comes with the holiday season. The last thing a brand needs to happen is to have its brand associated with a gift that is deemed as in poor taste. One way to overcome this is through the use of swag as a promotional gift.

Here are 5 reasons why corporate swag is a perfect promotional gift!

1) Its Better Than a Sticker

Stickers are awesome if you need to make a quick, one-time ad or if you need to reach a large audience. Stickers are easy to apply and the cost is minimal. But they are not always the best promotional gift idea. Stickers can be boring or, worse yet, seem like a slap in the face to the recipient. Corporate swag is much more impressive because it showcases the company’s brand in a more dignified, professional, and long-lasting way.

2) Its Better Than a Piece of Paper

Wrapping a gift in a plain piece of paper is definitely a waste of a gift. While it does make sense for a gift basket or for a bagged present, a gift with corporate swag is much more special. It may just be a stapler, but it’s being used to promote a company. It is a high-quality gift and it would be a shame to leave it behind on the table after the holidays.

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3) Its Better Than a Card

Picking up the card as a gift is a nice gesture, but it’s almost always a last resort. A good rule of thumb is if you’re having trouble coming up with a client gifts, a simple card should be avoided. A gift that comes with corporate swag is much more of a thoughtful, elegant, and memorable gift. There is no need to make up for a poor or generic gift with a card that contains poor grammar. It will only make a bad impression on the recipient.

4) Its Better Than a Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a great way to preserve memories and show off family photos, but it’s also a hassle. When you’re looking for a gift, you always have to think ahead. Corporate swag is a thoughtful, elegant, and permanent gift that will last and add value to your brand.

5) Its Better Than a Pen

A pen is a common gift, but it’s not always the best choice. Pens are too functional and not all of us know how to use them. For most people, buying a pen is like buying an expensive bottle of wine.

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