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From package delivery to international shipping, courier services are an essential part of the global economy. These companies not only get packages where they need to go quickly and safely, but also provide businesses with increased revenue opportunities and reduce overhead costs. Of course, if you’re thinking about starting your own courier service, it’s important to know how the entire process works from end to end. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five essential functions of a courier service and explain why they’re so important. Let’s dive in!

1) Track and Trace

Couriers need to have tools that allow them to track and trace packages. This is because some shipments are time sensitive or cost more if they get lost. Delays could result in delays for deliveries and failures to meet service-level agreements. It’s also important for couriers to be able to show proof of delivery when a customer claims their package was not delivered.

2) Proof of Delivery

Once the goods have been picked up from the shipper and received by the courier, proof of delivery must be provided to notify that party that the goods have been delivered. Proof of delivery will also serve as record in case anything goes wrong with shipment.

3) Secure Transport

Couriers deliver confidential and sensitive goods, as well as supplies. To ensure that these shipments are secure, all vehicles must be insured to cover the risk of loss or damage. Furthermore, the courier needs to have commercial general liability insurance with limits of at least $1 million per occurrence.

4) End-to-End Scheduling

First, an end-to-end scheduling feature is necessary to take customer requests and get the delivery ready for pick up. As soon as the request is made, customers need to be alerted when their package will be delivered. This also creates accountability in case something happens during the drop off process that causes it to be late or not delivered at all. Second, delivering parcels quickly and reliably is crucial.

5) Customized Document Scanning

Customized Document Scanning, including scanning and indexing services and document retrieval. Package assembly for clients, such as DVD packaging or CD and CD jewel cases A common service provided by courier services is the scanning of documents to send them as emails or to archive them on your computer. When you are using a file sharing platform such as Dropbox, there are often many folders that contain confidential information. If you have never scanned these documents before, it may be wise to see if any company can provide you with this service to make sure that the information will be safe for the future.

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